Wiesenfeld Milla EX 94, Reserve Senior Champion "Grüne Tage" Erfurt September (on the left)

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Wiesenfeld Rubens Mandy EX 94

Wiesenfeld Rubens Mandy EX 94



Crackholm Shimmer RC VG 87    GTPI 1831     RZG 133

Shimmer is the exiting Socrates daughter of  Goldwyn Secret, the Red Holstein impact cow of  2011.

Shimmer is the sister of Secure -Red, Mr. Savage and Selayo- Red and is a favorite work with right from the start.

She already has Jan.12 Goldchip heifer, and two young Radical heifers with one of them is RC.

Shimmer has 6 #1 embryos by Dulais Radical RF for sale.

Stay tuned on the future of this special young cow.

Crackholm Shimmer


Crackholm Shimmer RC VG 87 (86- 85- 87- 87) @ 3 weeks fresh


Spring Highlights 2012

25 years after her 4th dam Marrietta arrived as an embryo from Vermont, Milla was classified EX 94 wich compleated 8 generations EX .


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Kite Mila

Wiesenfeld Kite Milla RC EX 94 (EX 94 MS)



New additions to our breeding program:,

Nevada is a show type daughter of Wiesenfeld Integrity Neela EX 92,

Neela left in 2002 as a calf through our Wiesenfeld Sale and went on to be a prominent show winning cow for the Riegler family in Austria. Neela is still alive and produced 100 000 kg milk and is an exeptional brood cow.


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Riegelers Alexander Nevada

Riegelers Alexander Nevada



Exiting high genomic Gerard daughter from the world famous Ocean View Zandra family!


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Vekis Zandra

Vekis Zandra


Show cows "Hessens Zukunft" 2012


WFD Bolton Reginia EX 90

Wiesenfeld Bolton Reginia EX 90

reserve intermediate champion "Landesschau Thüringen" 2011

WFD Lightning Elisa VG 87

Wiesenfeld Lightning Elisa VG 87, 2nd place in class "Hessens Zukunft" 2012

WFD Shottle Lara VG 87

Wiesenfeld  Shottle Lara VG 87, class winner, best udder "Hessens Zukunft" 2012


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